Live Entertainment

New Groove & The Vibe

Live Music instantly brings your celebration to life! Our two Dance Bands New Groove & The Vibe are sure to keep your guests HYPE’d up and the dance floor packed. While both bands play all eras of music, New Groove is our show band best known for their R&B flavor, playing the most current songs on the radio, costumes changes and high-energy choreography. The Vibe has a more edgy appeal and plays the best of the best in Rock Music. Be ready for the vocalists to engage in complete rock style interaction!

Have the Best Of Both Worlds and add New Groove or The Vibe to one of our DJ Packages. The transition from Band to DJ is seamless. Our young & fresh musicians and vocalists interact with the MC, DJ & Dancers. Collectively they will treat your guests to an interactive experience that they will never forget! Adults have always enjoyed live music and kids now see their favorite artists like Usher, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Beyonce performing with Live Bands.

You can always choose to add just a few musicians to the DJ Package too. Maybe a Clarinet or Sax for the horah? How about a percussionist to give those hot dance songs a little more flavor?

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